• Bag with flap
  • Reference : S111
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    Its outstanding style will charm you...


    Technique and Sizes

    In order to make this bag, you will need about 13 metres of Zip #10. More precisely : 

    Type of Bottom : Base of bag rectangle (Flat bottom), 3 strips x 27 centimetres. 

    Height : 25 cm

    Width : 27 cm

    Handle : 1 ; Size : 110 cm

    “Blue Jean” Buttons : 5


    Concerning the bottom of the bag : 

    Cut 3 strips of 27 centimetres. Then stitch them together. You will then obtain a rectangle which will be the base of your bag. Then you will just have to make your 4 angles around the base to make your bag. Please refer to section "Make it" to obtain all the details and the photos for the making of a flat bottom bag.

     Concerning the flap :

    The flap is made in a second time, once your bag is made.

    Cut 7 strips of zip #5 (30 centimetres each). Then stitch them together.

    In order to hide the potential irregular outlines of your rectangle, take half of a strip of zip (about 85 cms) and stitch it around your rectangle. 

    You now just have to position your flap on your bag and to stitch it.

    Small trick of finishing : rather than to stitch your flap on the bag, “unstitch” your bag to introduce the flap before stitching it.

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