We are a young start-up company created in 2006, a combination of imaginative and innovative creators.

 Our head office is located in Pont l'Evêque, Calvados ( 14 ), France. Makes it possible for you and/or visit us in our head office at any time. For more information, please contact our customer service at

 For several years we have multiplied new ideas and creative goods.

 As you can notice our products are unique and drawn with an original design.

             The quality is also one of the forces of our company. The materials are all guaranteed by the best international certification companies international and are  subjected to very demanding quality tests, notably in term of environment.

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 The specific manufacturing of our fashion accessories is that all of our creations are made in France.

 Who said that the textile industry must be sacrificed because of Globalization?

 To allow the social fabric and economy to increase in Normandy, we recruited unemployed seamstresses, and allowed them to professionally reintegrate.


Presentation of the Zipper

  The zipper is a mechanical device allowing the opening that allows the quick opening or closing of a garment or a bag.

 The zip was invented in the United States by Whitcomb L. Judson in 1891. It is to this man that we owe the beginning of the adventure of the zip worldwide.

 In France, we often use the term Fermeture Eclair, which is a registered trademark of the company Prestil SN. We frequently use the term zipper. It is on this basis that we chose the of our company ZipMania.


  The zipper consists of two bands of fabric containing interlocking teeth. Bands are put one against the other one and teeth are moved. The puller allows to fit teeth or to separate them. We open and close by means of nylon teeth.

 The puller is a part containing two throats which join on one side. Throats serve for driving teeth when we slide the puller. 


 Initially, teeth and pullers were metal. We have substantially now moved to plastics.

However, the zipper that we use for the craft-making of our fashion accessories is nylon and answers all the requirements in terms of safety and the Environment.

The use of the zipper until now remains relatively basic in the field of the clothing business.

 It is during a business trip in Asia that the CEO of Zip'Mania, Mathieu Brossard, had the brilliant idea to use the zipper in the field of fashion accessories. Indeed he took the initiative to assemble zippers of several colours and to create fashion accessories

He then appealed to one stylist, specialist in the preparation of fashion accessories. She then created models in the original design, only from zippers.

 The beginning was not simple because the combination of colours raised problems in creating zipper accessories. It was then necessary to make a modification of the production so that the project could be born.

After these difficulties were resolved, a selection of eleven different models of handbags, purses and cases was born. These models were all registered with the I.N.P.I (National Institute of the Industrial Property, ). 

Due to diverse requests formulated by our customers at the creative shows where we exhibited, we developed our product line and we now have more than 30 models protected by the I.N.P.I.

The Press speaks about it!
Make it !
Technique of realization of small messenger bags

Global Technique

    1/ Separate your zippers into two parts :

 then create two strips by cutting 1,5 centimetre of teeth,
 to facilitate the insertion of the slider

    2/ Assembly :

 insert the teeth of the blue zipper into the slider,
 then insert the teeth of the brown zipper,
 and hold both strips simultaneously and pull slider up

3/ To determine the length of the bottom of the bag, pull the slider to the desired length :

D Be careful that during this stage the zipper remains straight. So if this is not the case and the zipper isn’t straight (spirals), then change one of 2 strips and to start the operation again

4/ Fold down the brown strip at the same level of the slider, to create a top and pin it.

5/ Pin the bottom of your bag as shown in the picture.

6/ Sew the bottom of your bag :

then continue to do straight sewing of both zipper strips
continue your straight sewing, pull the slider up and then see your completed zipper.

7/ Finish for a “simple shaped bag”  :

End and pin in the alignment of point C.
Cross at the same time the top brown band below and behind the blue.
Then pin

    7 bis/ Finish for “Lozenge” bag :

End and pin between both extremities between A and B, (Point C on the base of the bag)
Cross at the same time the (blue) top band in the back of the brown zipper

8 / Once the pin is placed (photo 7 or 7 bis), make a loop with the slider, and  pin your bag to close it as above :

9/ Once pinning is complete, Redo up to point as seen in photos 7 or 7 bis

 Make the sewing of the end of the bag

10/ Cut the surplus as below

11/ Turn the slider to close the bag


    Technique of flat bottom bag

1/ Cut the number of zipper strips needed to make the bottom of your bag

2/ Stitch the bands of zipper between them in the sense of the length

3/ Aside from step 2, refer back to the step 1 and step 2 of the “global technique” (insert a slider into two half zipper strips)

4/ Begin to pin the edges of the bottom of your bag

5/ Continue to pin while creating a tab in the first corner

6/ Continue to pin the edges of the bottom of your bag

7/ Sew the pinned outline made around the bottom of your bag then assemble two half black zipper strips back to back

8/ To finish your bag, please see “global technique” from steps 7 to 11

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Du 18 au 20 janvier 2008  Chartres créatif

Du 24 au 27 janvier 2008   Créativa Grenoble

DU 01 au 03 février 2008   Orléans créatif

Du 07 au 10 février 2008    Créativa Metz

Du 14 au 17 février 2008    Paris norexpo

Du 20 au 24 février 2008    Créativa Brest

Du 28 février au 2 mars 2008    Reims norexpo

Du 13 au 16 mars 2008   Lyon créatif norexpo

Du 19 au 22 avril 2008    Angers

Du 24 au 27 avril 2008    Poitiers créatif norexpo

Du 15 au 18 mai 2008      Genève norexpo

03 au 17 janvier 2009      CHINE

22 au 25 janvier 2009      GRENOBLE

29 janvier au 01 février 2009     MONTPELLIER

05 au 08 février 2009        METZ

12 au 14 février 2009        CHELTENHAM       the stich and creative crafts show

12 au 15 février 2009         PARIS  Aiguille en fête

26 au 28 février 2009         LONDRES Excel

28 février au 01 mars 2009      Flers

05 au 08 mars 2009       GLASGOW  Secc

12 au 15 mars 2009       BRUXELLES

19 au 22 mars 2009       LONDRES  Stich and craft

26 au 29 mars 2009        REIMS

24 au 26 avril 2009         NANTES quiltmania

23 au 26 avril 2009          SHEPTON MALLET

14 au 17 mai 2009            GENEVE

Juillet  / août 2009             ARDECHE Inscription chambre des métiers

20 au 23 août 2009             BIRMINGHAM The festival of quilts



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Article 3
The company ZIPMANIA can not be considered as responsible for non-fulfillment of the contract concluded in the cases of :

-    Shortage of stock
-    Unavailability of goods
-    Case of absolute necessity (Act of God)
-    Total or partial strike of the postal services and means of transportation, and/or communications, flooding and fire.

Article 4
The risks relative to the sold goods will be assured by the buyer as soon as the delivery is effective.

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In case of litigation, only the French text will have legal value.

Article 7
For any contesting, the commercial court of Honfleur (France, 14) is the only competent.


Shipping :
Shipping international.

The delivery of your order is assured by the French Post Office with formula “COLISSIMO suivi”.
Delivery is an average period of 48 hours according to the destination, excluding holidays or weekends.


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ZIPMANIA OFFERS YOU FREE DELIVERY using the French Post Office, for any order greater than or equal to 80 Euros (all charges included) delivered in metropolitan France.

Returns :
Any exchange or return must be made during a period of seven days which follow the day goods are received.
Return or exchange is unavailable beyond this period
The return of the order is at your expense and under your responsibility in the case of loss or theft of the parcel.
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